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We're crazy alright. Crazy about marketing. And our clients. And about getting you amazing deals on really cool stuff.

Promotional products has been our passion for almost 30 years and we have a proven track record providing product marketing solutions to corporate clients in every major industry, nationally and internationally. We're innovative and ideas-oriented with a mission to always provide you with new and innovative solutions for your next campaign.

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The Power of Promotional Products

Promotional items give provide significantly more bang for your advertising buck than almost any other type of marketing. They make your business instantly recognizable and that translates to increased leads and sales for your company. Plus, people love getting cool stuff and they'll love your company for giving them out.

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 We Source both the Canadian and American Marketplace.

Leverage our purchasing power for a wide variety of special products with shipping and pricing advantages that we pass on to you. Please search one (or both) catalogues below and let your imaginations run wild!


Crazy Ladies Picks of the Month

Looking for ideas for your next promotion? We have thousands of them! If you can think it, we can likely find it. Just ask!

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  • Seedpaper
  • cleaners
  • jackets
  • bags
  • apparel
  • pens
  • webcam cover
  • notepad
  • usb
  • goldie
  • USB wall plug
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